Having Sex With A Scorpio – The Bare Facts!

Having Sex With A Scorpio - The Bare Facts!

Sex is primarily a power play for Scorpio, and you know how they feel about power.

In the bedroom, Scorpio’s erotic battle can be described as the sexual vs. the sensual. Simply put, they are the horndogs of the zodiac! The Scorpio’s magnetic personality and strong sense of self makes them forces to be reckoned between the sheets. Since Scorpios are so complex sexually, they are deep, intense and multi-faceted lovers.

Here’s the scoop: Scorpios get off on power. They love, love, love role-playing games where they are in charge (no surprise here) and get to wield their might over poor unsuspecting victims.

The Scorpio enjoys making a partner cower, grovel, even sob, then try to win back their approval. Both men and women born under this Sun Sign enjoy heavy-duty power-play and have no trouble enacting Master/Mistress and slave fantasies, because for them, these scenarios don’t stray far from the truth.

The average Scorpio makes it quite difficult for others to get close to them. Because trust doesn’t come easily to this sign, it takes a lot for Scorpios to open up and lower their defences, giving them an air of mystery and reserve which can be very sexually attractive and compelling. The challenge of finding out what lies beneath Scorpio’s icy cool self-control is what hooks many people in.

Scorpios are also taboo-breakers. They are game for anything if there’s the promise of an orgasm at the end of the tunnel. Scorpios embrace their fetishes (as everyone should), and often have more than one off-beat fantasy that they are perfectly willing to share with deserving partners who’d also like to play.

Unfortunately, Scorpios are the least likely zodiac sign to be monogamous. This isn’t because they are unable; rather because most often, they don’t have the desire. However, if the Scorpio has a faithful streak, they can be extremely dedicated and true. But it’s all up to Scorpio what kind of partner they choose to be. For this reason, open relationships are often good options for this Sun Sign.

Physically, those born under the Scorpio moon tends to have very voluptuous bodies — men as well as women. I’ve always believed that this is an outward manifestation of their inward — and all encompassing — sexual life.

If Scorpios give the impression of being emotionally cold and calculating at times, it’s only because they experience things so intensely and they’re terrified of getting hurt. Still waters run deep – and as the fixed water sign, Scorpio’s true feelings are powerful, all-consuming and profound. In reality this is the most passionate star sign, with a well-earned reputation as the Zodiac’s most accomplished lover.

Did I mention that this Sun Sign is highly erotic? Scorpio women are prone to full-body multiple orgasms which are so intense they can frighten away faint-hearted lovers. Scorpio men tend to have extremely copious emissions (i.e. they ejaculate in buckets). Partners will have no trouble admitting that Scorpio climaxes are so strong they feel as though they are spasming along with their Scorpio lovers.

Because their ruling body part are the genitals, Scorpios are prone to having issues “down there” — cystitis, skin eruptions, serious urinary tract infections, and even venereal diseases. Scorpios should take special care to practice safe sex, use condoms and use discretion in partners.

Although they love “the act” intensely, Scorpios have been known to abstain from sex just to prove a point — or punish — a partner. They get off by holding back almost as much as they do letting go. Sex is primarily a power play for Scorpio, and you know how they feel about power.

What you need to understand is that, when a Scorpio has fully committed to love, they’re capable of great sexual loyalty and devotion. In their eyes, it’s forever, and with their all or nothing approach, they can be pretty obsessive. The greater a Scorpio’s sense of insecurity – which will depend on how much they’ve been hurt in the past – the more likely it is that this sign’s notorious jealousy and need for control will tend to surface.

Aggressive in bed, many Scorpios prefer sexual encounters anyplace, but in stairwells, cars, movie theaters? The riskier the better. Prone to excesses, Scorpios are more likely to be considered sex addicts than any other Sun Sign.

Not only are Scorpios provocative, but they are also incredibly private. Your sexual secret is safe with a Scorpio, and rarely do they schtupp and tell.

WHAT’S SEXY ABOUT SCORPIO: its courage; its power; its insightfulness.
WHAT’S NOT: its bluntness; its defensiveness; its jealousy.

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