Having Sex With Pisces – The Bare Facts!

Having Sex With Pisces - The Bare Facts!

Those fishes are into some freaky sh*t.

In some circles, the twin fish is known as “the Sign of the flirt,” because they are perhaps the biggest charmers of the zodiac. But mostly, it’s just an ego-booster for Pisces, a game, and most Fish do love games.

Erotically, Pisceans are game for almost anything and especially love getting dirty. This water sign knows that a little soap, water and elbow grease can remove even the nastiest stains. I wouldn’t go so far as to say that nothing turns them off but…

A large number of Fish have urolagnia fetishes — that is, they are aroused by urination. Now, this is an extensive fetish with many facets, including getting sexual pleasure from watching another person urinate or being urinated upon (aka “golden showers”), so it’s much too complicated to go into great detail here.

It’s the most mystical and other-worldly of the star signs. So it’s not surprising that for people born under Pisces, at its best sex is about losing themselves in a true spiritual at-oneness – and a lot more than just a physical thing. The sign most likely to make the earth move for you, there can be something magical about sex with a Pisces, and it’s perilously easy to fall under their spell.

Masters of the art of seduction, Pisceans know how to capture your heart by spinning an irresistible web of enchantment, scattering a little stardust in your eyes, and making you fall hopelessly in love. It’s easy to get carried away by a Piscean’s beautiful dreams, but it’s wise never to take them too seriously. There’s always an element of unreality about love with Pisces and it’s never exactly what it seems.

However close you may think you are to a Pisces, there will usually be something they haven’t told you – and a part of them that forever remains concealed. These people are quite shy about revealing themselves to others and need their privacy. Big daydreamers, Pisceans tend to spend a lot of time in a world of their own they’ll rarely let you into. If and when they decide to do so, it’s a sure sign that they’re in love.

But the Piscean fascination with pee is so common that it warrants a mention.

Another fetishy area for Pisces is the feet, their ruling body part. Plain and simple, the Fish dig feet — meaning they get hot looking at, touching, smelling and massaging the feet (and/or go over the moon for a foot massage themselves). Some even enjoy inserting a big toe “where the sun doesn’t shine.”

Piscean guys report loving to slide themselves between a pair of well-oiled female feet. And I haven’t met a Pisces lady yet who doesn’t have a zillion pairs of shoes in their closet. The same is true for some Pisces gents, too.

The message here is anything goes. As long as both adults are of age and are willing, the rule of thumb is, if it feels good, do it!

With their powerful escapist urge, Pisceans enjoy sexual fantasy and for many, the love adventures they live out in their imagination can actually be preferable to the real thing. Intensely romantic, it can be hard for them to find a real-life sexual relationship that fulfills their lofty ideals. Although a Piscean will tend to fall in love very easily, disillusionment can follow on just as fast, as their dreams come tumbling down.

For Pisces, the physical and the emotional are intertwined so they can be very serious about sex. Perhaps too serious. When things are going well romantically, Pisces is on top of the world, but when relationships take a downturn, they literally fall apart.

If their love life takes a nosedive, it affects everything else in their life and can even prompt them to question their very existence. It can go as far as to drive them to thoughts of suicide. (We urge you to seek professional help if this scenario hits close to home. Wanting to kill yourself is never normal behavior. Do know that help is there if you need it, and please take advantage of it.)

What you need to understand is that Pisceans are probably the most emotionally vulnerable, and by far the most easily hurt, of all the star signs. But because they’re usually very forgiving – and their feelings can change like lightning – their bouts of self-pity are often short-lived and their trust and idealism quickly restored. Sexually, Pisces’s characteristic selflessness makes it more of a giver than a taker, and with a strong desire to please.

Although it tends to be sexually submissive by nature, its love of role play – at which it can be very talented – and its chameleon-like adaptability means that sexually Pisces can be anything you want it to be. Guided by its powerful intuition and sensitivity, this star sign makes a gentle and thoughtful lover. Pity it’s also so darned elusive and notoriously hard to pin down!

No matter their personal proclivities, Pisces are chameleons in the bedroom. They can be ultra romantic and mushy one moment, then withdrawn and distant the next. But take note that Pisces are pleasers, and this means that they’re usually very skilled and passionate lovers.


Because Pisceans fall in love very easily and frequently, the chances of their cheating tend to be higher than average, although they’re most likely to be emotionally rather than physically unfaithful. As big sexual fantasists, Pisceans will often be secretly thinking about their latest crush when making love to their regular partner. You can never be certain what’s going on in the heart of a slippery Fish – and quite honestly, it’s probably better not to know.


Pisces’ sexual style clicks best with Cancer, Virgo and Scorpio and clashes most with Gemini and Sagittarius.