Horoscope for week from 8 to 14 May 2017

The stars predict that this May week is full of pleasant surprises. Free artists will feel quite comfortable, and those signs of the zodiac, which have to sit in a stuffy place for a long time, will not be disappointed either. On these spring days many of us will manage to establish relations with the head managers, and the harmful boss will turn into a kind and reliable friend. But it is desirable to abstain from unceremoniousness with chief – tea, coffee in breaks, nothing more. Personal life will be full and cheerful for seven days. The atmosphere in family depends on you – we will come to dinner sad, then the relatives will become sad and wander off to their rooms. And if we come home with a smile, the family will jump for joy and hugging happily.

Horoscope for week from 8 to 14 May, 2017 Aries

Aries, you are good at making decisions, and do not shrink back before difficulties – these qualities will be useful for you, and the week will pass beneficialy. In business affairs everything will be fine, but it is desirable to find a compromise more often, especially in communicating with business partners. Monotone work is not for representatives of your sign, and on these days of May, routine is not expected – business trips, important meetings, then deals with influential people. Diplomacy will come in handy in clarifying relations with the housemates, especially at the end of the week – relatives are tired, and they dream to spend the weekend with you. It is necessary to make a choice between friends, admirers and close people – who is the most unresentful, will wait another week or two.

Horoscope for week from 8 to 14 May, 2017 Aries Taurus

Tauruses, this week nobody will be able to confuse you – you will persistently follow the goal, and never swing by. Well, it’s commendable, but sometimes it’s useful to stop for a moment and think. You can dream – even a hardworking and serious boss sometimes sits on a cloud, and swinging legs, you can do the same. Pay attention to your colleagues – among them you can probably find guys who have the same hobby as you – you could be friends. In the financial sphere in this spring period, the situation is not bad, and by the end of the week you will even be able to accumulate a solid amount for a major acquisition. Personal life is often associated with the financial sphere – the housemates will be happy to go on shopping for the new pleasant trinkets, and your beloved is not averse to spend the weekend at the countryside (of course, together with you).

Horoscope for week from 8 to 14 May, 2017 Gemini

Gemini, this spring week will be good, but troublesome. The boss suddenly bethink that you are unusually hardworking, and will overwhelm you with important tasks. Do not despair – you will manage everything, in extreme cases, ask your loyal colleagues for help, because you often helped them out. The stars predict a lots of ​​meetings, deals and business negotiations – you have to put the alarm on your phone, and do not part with the diary – you can forget something. But behind official duties it is important to spend time with close people. Admirers do not care about your business, and all seven days they will annoy you with calls and confessions. You will have to find time for romance – things will not run away, but you will relax, and finally, understand that idleness and small pleasures do not interfere, but on the contrary are useful.

Horoscope for week from 8 to 14 May, 2017 Cancer

Cancers, this week you will easily meet people, and are able to enchant everyone. Take advantage of your charm, and set up useful relationship – business partners also like to chat heart to heart, to get away from work sometimes. Influential acquaintances will come in handy in the future, but in the meantime make plans, and do not forget to take care of close and dear people. Housemates need your attention – the vagaries of the family is nothing more than an attempt to reach you. Try to hold joint walks in the open air more often, play with the kids, and show sensitivity to the relatives of the older generation. The love sphere will not disappoint you – your beloved did not lose time in vain, and the weekend will go off with a bang (your beloved finally learned the rules of the game, and adjusted to a romantic mood).

Horoscope for week from 8 to 14 May, 2017 Leo

Leos, this week you will be able to achieve good results, if you do not cry the blues, and get to work with your inherent enthusiasm. The initiative will be useful for you in resolving working issues, and in concluding deals with business partners – even your competitors will not stand up to your pressure. Try not to show your advantages – move to the goal calmly and confidently. Personal life will present many interesting surprises. It should be remembered about the jealousy of your loved one – a mistrustful one is ready to accompany you everywhere. Arrange a holiday (an unscheduled anniversary – why not?), or pamper your partner with a romantic dinner. On weekends, you can plan gathering with friends – be sure – buddies are ready for any adventure, most importantly, tell them about plans directly, without any hints.

Horoscope for week from 8 to 14 May, 2017 Virgo

Virgos, fortune will be on your side all seven days – do not get lost, and use the chances that you will be given. The stars promise interesting work-outs, they do not exclude acquaintance with influential people. Try to behave naturally, and do not try to seem better – sincerity helps in business relationships and in personal life. On this period of spring it is desirable to find time for domestic affairs, and to communicate with distant relatives. If there is no possibility for a personal meeting, you can talk by the computer, skype for example (the grandmother living in the village has mastered the Internet and dreams of waving to the camera, the main thing is to stop the old woman if she decides to treat you with her pies). There will be few clouds on the love horizon, but by the weekend the situation will improve – the relationship with your partner will be perfect.

Horoscope for week from 8 to 14 May, 2017 Libra

Libra, the week is expected to be stable, and relatively calm. But, your boss does not trust the stellar forecasts, and decides to overwhelm you completely. Overtime, as you know, should be paid well – remind the boss about it, and perhaps he will take some of the work. On these May days, it is advisable to find time for studies – you can start learning English, or read quantum mechanics books (yes, even if you like the courses of the cat’s language). You should invest money with caution on this spring period – just in case, call your lawyer. On the love front, special changes are not promised by the stars, but if you suddenly become bored, update the wardrobe – your admires will fly like sparrows to seeds (or like doves, no difference, because it will be fun).

Horoscope for week from 8 to 14 May, 2017 Scorpio

Scorpios, this May week is good for creative works, and for solving job problems. But first of all, it’s a good idea to make a clear plan of action, and to say goodbye to laziness – you can hang out on weekends. You will need the eloquence at work – no business partner can resist your oratorical skills, and the stars promise several interesting and profitable deals. Luck will not leave you in the sphere of love and personal relationships, but you still have to work on your character. Try not to criticize relatives, and do not look for problems where they do not exist – the family atmosphere will quickly improve, and this spring period will bring peace and harmony. In your spare time, try to walk more often, and visit older relatives – care, as we know, works wonders.

Horoscope for week from 8 to 14 May, 2017 Sagittarius

Sagittarius, there will be good moments now and then this week – try to take advantage of Fortune’s support, and do not forget to listen to the advice of the inner voice. The collective activity is welcomed, but if you want to retire, colleagues will not be offended, and they will not stop communicating with you. It is advisable to avoid stresses, but if you are involved in some scandal, keep aloof, and play the role of an observer (just do not turn on the recorder or camera so that you are not mistaken for paparazzi). On the love front, the situation is not bad, the main thing is to communicate more, and do not hesitate to get acquainted – in the subway, or in trams there are cute guys dreaming of becoming your partner. It is desirable to spend weekends at home – the apartment needs cleaning, and the relatives needs your attention.

Horoscope for week from 8 to 14 May, 2017 Capricorn

Capricorns, this May week does not promise special changes and upheavals. Business affairs will please representatives of your sign of stability, if there are any difficulties, you will understand them instantly. During this period of spring you can discuss the terms of joint activity with partners, but try not to be modest, and express your opinion – business partners, of course, are smart guys, but even they can be wrong. Some of you will have opportunities for additional earnings, but here it is important not to run before the engine: you need to get money first, but only then to dream of grandiose purchases. At the end of the week, you will be drawn to adventure – the weekend is for that, so that you can properly have a drink, and relax in a pleasant company of relatives or friends.

Horoscope for week from 8 to 14 May, 2017 Aquarius

Aquarius, the location of the planets in these seven days will be quite favorable. You will experience an extraordinary rise, and will be capable of exploits. But it is not necessary to be Hercules – talents can be used in creativity, because on this May week inspiration will not leave you for a single minute. Improvements are expected in the financial sphere – many things will finally move from the dead end, and you will start thinking about your own business. But do not rush – talk to friends and competent specialists, find a business card of an influential acquaintance in a pile of important papers (believe me, respectable people just do not give their phone numbers). When the weekend comes, all the deeds will be done – now you can relax with a clear conscience, and meet with your admires.

Horoscope for week from 8 to 14 May, 2017 Pieces

Pisces, this week is useful to remember more often about where usually free cheese is located. Well, of course, in a mousetrap – do not buy on beautiful promises and do not believe those who promise golden mountains for beautiful eyes. Business and so are not bad, especially in the professional sphere – the boss is ready to carry you in his arms. There is a lot to be expected, but you will not even notice fatigue – classes will bring joy and pleasure. In the sphere of personal relations, the situation is as follows: friends are nervous, relatives are capricious, and admirers are bursting with bitter tears. All because you decided to go out of town alone – you think you will be allowed to miss in cottage? But by the weekend there will be no push, in general, do not be witty, and call the whole company with you (at least out of courtesy, because they will appear without invitation).