Horoscope for week from 22 to 27 May 2017

Horoscope for week from 22 to 27 May

This May week will be full of different interesting and funny events. The stars promise you an advance in professional cases, and many signs of the zodiac will be able to achieve goals with little efforts . But, so that everything that you convinced and planned will be realized in your life, it is advisable to keep your plans “under wraps”(then no one will envy, and will not jinx). You can boasting later, when luck will be in your pocket. Private life in these spring days will stable and brighten you up. Relations with relatives is getting well, and at the love front, some of us are waiting for pleasant surprises. But it is better to take a hold of yourself and keep emotions under control, to be frankly only with close friends, new admires do not need to know what you eat for breakfast, and what time you go to bed.

Horoscope May 22 – 27, 2017 Aries

Aries, the stars are sure that this May week will not disappoint you. You are waiting for positive changes at work, but the main thing is to be able to hit the taste the leadership (it is enough to show professionalism and activity when solving work issues). Communication with colleagues during this period of spring will be open-armed and friendly; many representatives of your sign will acquire useful and promising connections. But it is better to avoid overfamiliarity in relations, as they say, duty before friendship. Some surprises are possible in private life. Try to find time to visit relatives of the older generation, and towards weekend it’s nice to get together with friends and having fun.

Horoscope May 22 – 27, 2017 Taurus

Taurus, this week you will have many interesting and unusual moments. You will have to resolve issues related to finance, it is possible that you will be entrusted with conducting business negotiations. The main thing here is not to be embarrassed and to behave confidently – partners are also humans, and will not laugh if you go beet red , or do not pause on word during speech. It is possible that your boss will entrust you with important dilemmas , or send you on a business trip – do not refuse, the change of perspective will not hurt you. On the wings, have fun, make new acquaintances but be careful your beloved may be jealous. In solving daily chores you will need your smarts and imagination, maybe you will even have to cheat in some way – good relatives forgive you everything, if only you would come for dinner on time.

Horoscope May 22 – 27, 2017 Gemini

This week will not be easy, but very interesting. Remember – all things are difficult before they are easy. Try not to look for weaknesses in yourself, and do not analyze every blunder – you are not a robot to act without a single mistake. The stars promise success in creative activities, the main thing is that it does not mess with the main work. In these May days it is more useful to be out in the open air, and not forget about active rest. Do not wait for the weekend. Relationships with family members in this period of spring will improve, but here much will depend on you – do not break on relatives, and do not criticize relatives for minor setbacks.

Horoscope May 22 – 27, 2017 Cancer

Cancers, to achieve your goals set up this May week, will not require special efforts. But if difficulties still arise, do not hesitate to call your friends, or colleagues – both will help you to solve complicated problems. Stars promise the increase of your income, but it is advisable not to lose your head – do not go shopping alone, so as not to spend all your savings. In this spring period, try to find time for your partner, take care of him/her (you need to get rid of egoism as soon as possible). It is advisable to spend weekends with your family, and if you find time and money for picnic – it will be great!

Horoscope May 22 – 27, 2017 Leo

This week try don’t hope for a chance – be brave, and take responsibility for making important decisions for yourself. With the support of the stars you will not be mistaken, and will move in the right direction. At work the situation in May will be not bad, but give up conservative attitudes – try new methods, and you will certainly achieve an excellent result. In family and private life, no special changes are foreseen, but do not allow conflicts – relatives can become too nervous and impressionable. Admires also do not lag behind – some boyfriends even crying, and the rest are offended at home, waiting for your call. It will be necessary to gather all the admirers together – the party promises to be chic and fun.

Horoscope May 22 – 27, 2017 Virgo

Virgo, the main star desire for this May week: do not be modest, and be yourself . Fate leading you to people who has high positions in the society – you will not be hindered by such useful and promising acquaintances. At work situation is stable, but it is desirable to show the initiative more often – the boss will certainly notice your activity, and will reward you with bonus (maybe he’ll write out the letter, suddenly the chef has problems with money). Spring not only on the calendar, but also in your heart – the opposite sex just adore you, and does everything to make you happy.

Horoscope May 22 – 27, 2017 Libra

Libra, this week you will begin to dream of travelling and adventure. The stars support your desire to chill out, but advise not to get involved in risky adventures. You can distract from the problems in more tranquil way – picnics, and communication with old friends will fill the positive for a month ahead. Business affairs these May days seem to you tedious and routine – the chief is just looking for volunteers for a business trip. And please curry favor with the boss, and you will be pleased, besides, on business trips new and quite interesting acquaintances are possible. But it is better to exclude office affair – take care of your reputation, because there are more cameras in our time than people. Take care of yourself , and just in case, wear a rosary – an excellent and proven means of anger and irritability.

Horoscope May 22 – 27, 2017 Scorpio

Scorpions, this week, the stars advise you to make the accomplishment of the home – home troubles will help to distract from the problems, and you will quickly find a solution to all the complex issues. In dealing with the people it is desirable to find compromise – even if you are absolutely right, learn to give in (sometimes it’s more useful than a dispute before getting blue). The love sphere in this period of spring will go to the background. In principle, this is okay, because you will have more time for family members. Seek support from friends who understand interpersonal relationships – be sure they will be happy to help .

Horoscope May 22 – 27, 2017 Sagittarius

Sagittarius, this May week will be favorable for most of you .You will need “hill of beans”- high spirits, and a cheerful smile. It is advisable to get rid of frivolity in this spring period, at least try not to involve relatives and close friends in adventures . The stars predict many interesting trips, some of you have a chance for a fateful meeting. Do not rush to make important decisions, and limit yourself to a relationship without obligations, or “amourette”.

Horoscope May 22 – 27, 2017 Capricorn

Capricorn, trust your inner voice, and this May week will pass with a “plus sign”. And try not to turn your life into a plaintive book – there are enough problems for all your acquaintances, and it is not necessary to load your friends and colleagues with that. Better do sport, or gym, or try yoga for example. Love sphere in this spring period is cloudless and calm – agree with everything that you say, and strive to fulfill all your desires. Relationships will quickly improve, and communication will become warm and harmonious.

Horoscope May 22 – 27, 2017 Aquarius

Aquarius, this spring period will be good and fruitful. The stars promise that you are waiting for a lot of interesting surprises, most important, do not look for guilty, if the situation suddenly gets out of hand .The week is good for career – you can attend trainings, seminars, at the very least, find a club of interests, at least on the Internet. It’s good to read psychological literature – even a superficial study of the subject will help you in negotiating, or in dealing with intractable business partners. The sphere of love relationships will please you with variety.

Horoscope May 22 – 27, 2017 Pieces

Pieces, fate in this spring week will be surprisingly kind and generous. But the patience of Fortune is undesirable – try not to boast of successes and achievements, and learn to rejoice in every little thing. The psychological climate at work will be quite comfortable, and you can easily cope with even those things that used to cause yawning in you, and the desire to “run” home. The love sphere in these seven days is full of romantic surprises. Adventures await you throughout the week, but a special activity among admirers will be observed closer to the weekend. It is desirable to find time and to communicate with the household, especially in your care need younger members of the family. Pamper the kids with the knickknacks, even if the children are out of playing age.

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