Virgo July 2018 Horoscope.

Virgo Zodiac

The month ends with a (major) bang from the Aquarius Full Moon sitting in your house of true love, spurring commitment and first-time declarations of love. Bae is ready— you’ve been ready—just go with the flow and relish the bliss. This period is also poised for completing a creative project and revealing it to much positive fanfare. Delightful!

Expect your social life to heat up around the New Moon on July 13. Don’t over-commit yourself and be wary of getting carried away—there’s a good chance you’ll mince words and come across as obnoxious. Jussayin’.

Venus will enter your sign on July 18 and go through a deep depression before she goes retrograde on the 25th. Questions of self-esteem will compel many Virgos—especially those suffering from insecurity—to examine their self-worth and self-love privately until September 6.

The world around you may be feeling a bit topsy turvy for you as July proceeds to unravel. It may be that you have grown so accustomed to being in your own little world with everything in place that you are thrown a bit of balance as Jupiter moves into an area of your chart where you are not having so much control or say in what is going on around you. Infact, you may feel as if you need time alone and/or space to be “quiet” in while you go over in your mind any insights and dreams that are coming to the surface. Take this time while you can because by the 26th Mars will move into your area of communication and you may feel as if you are inundated with things you have to do. Venus’ movements through your area of friends and friendships after the 18th prompts you to reach out to others and accept invitations with the possibility of a new relationship coming your way. The Moon in your relationship area just beforehand on the 15th, 16th, 17th would be a good time to get very clear in your mind what you do and don’t want in love.

Diplomacy and the intellectualizing of problems are very important in July. It’s not what you say but how you say it that counts, and you must be both tactful and mindful of other values and issues when you broach subjects.

Seeking compromise and middle ground is as beneficial to you as to others, and so it is the best way forward in July. You can be very indecisive in July, and it is best to take time for some detailed pro and con weighting before you commit to a choice – you may need to explain yourself later, and so the more you can convey how you weighed the options and what you took into account, the better for you. You are highly persuasive in July and your ability to see the other side and play devil’s advocate can really help you to nail a deal or convince someone of something.

Virgo July 2018 Love Horoscope

The focus on communication within your relationships returns in July. Being on the same wavelength as your partner is vital to the health of your relationship, and you are looking to revitalize this element. You need more intellectual stimulation; you want the sole attention of your partner, not attention divided between you, the iPad, the iPhone, etc.

If the communication is not of the quality you expect, look to yourself for answers – have you been too critical? Have you been trying to score points rather than actually listening to what your partner has to say? Has your partner given up trying to talk to you as you over-analyze or rationalize away problems. Often Virgos are very analytical when perhaps all your lover wants to hear is “poor thing” or “that’s horrible.” Sometimes when someone pours their heart out they want sympathy and a hug, not analysis or being told why their problem is not really a problem. Learn to give people what they want when they share, rather than what you think they need. Often people just want to talk to get it out, and they don’t find a barrage of advice that helpful.

Love and understanding should be the focus of communication in July rather than detailed analysis.

You believe that the best relationship needs mental affinity. In July 2018, with the Venus-Mars conjunction in your ninth house, you’ll long to discover new horizons with your partner – intellectual, cultural, spiritual or even geographical horizons.

Joint trips, love stories born when traveling or long-distance love are also possible. Common effort for a noble or hard-to-reach purpose will make the relationship stronger and will work as an aphrodisiac.

Virgo July 2018 Career Horoscope

In July focus on work that delivers concrete and verifiable results. Improve communication between colleagues and also in terms of vertical communication – chase things up, and if you do not hear from someone, get back to them and hurry them on.

You may decide to take a sabbatical, i.e. take time off work to pursue more training or arrange with your employers to sponsor you to study on to improve your prospects.

Many Virgos will be on vacation in July or experiencing a slowdown at work. If you are still at work, use this time to promote yourself and business via social networks – ensure all your profiles are up-to-date and improve SEO for your enterprise. This is an excellent time to highlight your businesses achievements in the local press; you may also want to hook up with other local business to pool funds for promo and advertising.
It is very important that you are in tune with social trends and mores and so immerse yourself in
magazines and the popular press so that you know what is going on – you cannot get away with being out of touch no matter what you do.

You can achieve more via creating synergies with similar business this month.

July is a very productive and enjoyable time at work for accountants, broadcasters, PAs, promoters and those who work in consumer products.

Until the 12th of July 2018, Mars will persuade you to show real interest in trips, long-distance relationships or cultural-educative preoccupations.

After the 12th of July, Mars will join Venus in your house of career and together they will form a team with Jupiter and Neptune in your house of work, making professional achievements or successes possible.

Your actions will be motivated by the desire to advance, but as you’ll have quality performance, it will definitely bring you material satisfactions as well.

Virgo July 2018 Health Horoscope

The satisfaction you’ll get from your work accomplishments will raise your morale and will give you some enthusiasm, but that doesn’t mean that your health is perfect and that you can leave it at the bottom of your priorities list.

Saturn will stay in Virgo for a few good months and while it is in your sign, the danger of getting ill is higher.

Take care especially in the last decan of July 2018!

MyFreeHoroscopes’ Advice for Virgo June 2018

Attention: the eclipse will concern popularity, friends, protectors!

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