Pisces July 2018 Horoscope.

Pisces Zodiac

You are quite the star in your workplace this month, Pisces! This well-deserved recognition could earn you an important role (read: leadership) from the bigwigs around the friendly Aquarius Full Moon on July 27. Take the opportunity by the horns—you’re an inspiration. At the same time, a close friend may call on you for support, and since Pisces are the professional friends of the zodiac, you’ll rise to the occasion readily.

Single Pisces have an excellent shot at meeting someone new and sexy in the two weeks after the Cancer New Moon (July 13). Creative endeavors will get the powerup they need for success. Alternatively, if you’re trying to get pregnant, this would be an especially, uh, fertile time. Attached Pisces will have a solid opportunity to fix whatever isn’t working when Venus goes retrograde on July 25.

This month may start out feeling as if you are tied to the home front but give it time and that will change. From about mid month onwards the Sun, Mercury and Venus will all add a bit of fun and creativity to your life and give you cause to go out and have a bit of fun and play. As Venus is involved you may find this fun and play may take on the hues of something romantic which may well give you something to celebrate. Towards the end of the month there are a few shifts of energy going on for you. Jupiter has moved into your area of work which brings with it a lot of luck on the work front so if you are thinking of changing your job or in line for a promotion now is the time to start pushing a bit more for these changes to occur. Mars moves into your area of adventure and philosophy alongside the moon moving into your love and relationship area. This sounds suspiciously to me that you may be planning a bit of time with your partner that is possibly out of the norm for the 2 of you.

You are very busy right now at work, and you are enjoying what you are doing as your work right now seems to have a broader scope: in terms of meeting people and life experience. Travel in connection with work is a very big possibility, and you may also be able to mix a fair amount of pleasure with your work trips.

Further education and study may play a big role in your life. It may be sponsored by your employer, or it may be something you undertake with the aim of getting a new position at work, which will give you more freedom and provide you better prospects.

Health is something which can easily be overlooked in July and excess in all forms can lead to some problems: not only excess of food and alcohol, but even an excess of supplements or too strict an adherence to a dietary plan. Be middle of the road when it comes to health, and do not veer onto the periphery of normality in your pursuit of fitness or slimness.

Take a cautious approach to legal dealings which begin now and do not rush them. Take your time to become totally au fait with the terms and conditions as ignoring something vital now could have quite a disruptive impact on your life later down the line. If you do need to initiate some legal proceedings against someone, now is a very good time as you can probably get the matter resolved by Christmas.

There is much pride taken in what you do right now and offering service to others (i.e. friends, family or even strangers) in need can bring you a sense of personal pride. While it is not good to become obsessed, in July you may spend a vast amount of time on a personal project making sure it is 100% to your satisfaction, and this can be extremely rewarding.

Pisces July 2018 Love Horoscope

July is one of those months when relationships need work – you will need to be patient and persevering to make sure your love life runs smoothly and events, especially those to do with in laws and your work will challenge the harmony and force you to make concessions. Small and larger problems can be thrust into focus and must be discussed calmly, not only during arguments.

You may have to make choices in love that are not straightforward and you may end up doing things which you later find hard to defend. It is a tough month to know how to make the best of things and how to keep everyone happy.

It’s important to remember right now that you cannot please all the people all the time and to a large degree others are responsible for their own happiness and wellbeing and it is not up to you to be your partner’s mother. In July, make sure you do not take all the responsibility or blame for how things are going in the relationship – you partner needs to pull themselves together and not rely so much on you to do the bending and adapting.

July is a month when you need a rebalancing within your love relationships – an assessment of the give and take and how much there is of each. It is a very good time to take a step back and say, “OK, what is really going on here?” If you can look at yourselves in perspective and see the good, the bad and the problems, you can make adjustments now which can really improve things in the coming months. In new relationships, Pisces need to be more honest with themselves about where and how the new love interest is going, and if it has potential.

The Sun and Mercury giggle in your house of fun and sexuality. The good astral aspect between the two and the sober Saturn in your house of couples talks about an excellent affective communication with your partner, even if the relationship is old or the partners go through a hard period.

The good aspect with Uranus in Pisces says that positive changes are possible in your shared life. However, the eclipse warns you that anything is possible so… keep your flexibility and awareness.

Pisces July 2018 Career Horoscope

You are enjoying work right now, partly due to enhanced rapport with colleagues and co-workers and the increased amount of more interesting work you are doing. Your workload may well increase, but you are finding the work stimulating, and you are improving your skills at the same time. You may find that you are asked to train up new staff, or you may contribute to a training manual or professional journal.

If you are in a profession or an expert in a field, you may well get noticed in July, and you may be called upon to talk on radio or contribute to a publication. July is a great time to publish a book on a technical subject you know much about.

Those of you in service industries will find that business is going very well. You may begin to offer your services to a new clientele, either geographically or culturally.

July is an excellent month for Pisces, who are seeking to change employment in order to find better working conditions or those who are seeking employment as fortune is with you. It is a time of opportunity within your career. If you are looking for work, look within the legal fields, police work, the courts, printing, tourism or promotions or even the army.

A once in a lifetime opportunity may come to you via work in July.

A hectic period in the first part of July 2018, with travels, many contacts and intellectual stress. Some gossip or indiscretion can turn you upside down.

After the 13th July, you’ll direct your strength to actions regarding your home or real estate. It’ll be a good period for constructions, repairing, redecorating.

The second decan of July 2018 will be interesting especially for creation, expression and promotion.

Financially, take care until the 12th July, because you might experience losses, waste or other problems!

Pisces July 2018 Health Horoscope

Your tonus will be good, you’ll have energy and vitality, especially in the first two decans of July. It’ll be a good period for sport and other physical activities.

A special warning for pregnant Pisces women: prudence, because there’s a high risk of abortion, premature birth or other unexpected event related to your pregnancy or maternity.

MyFreeHoroscopes’ Advice for Pisces July 2018

Beware: the eclipse will concern children, fertility or sexuality!

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