Monthly Horoscopes

January, March or September. All months have its own beauty. Are you waiting for spring, going to open new chapter of your life? Or you are looking for the wind of changes in the cool November? New month – new possibility to find the power for success. You hold the cards – you just need to choice the right one which will follow you to your dream. Our monthly horoscope doesn’t have all the answers – we just try to let you realize what you really want and which way is the best for you. We have a key – but only you can decide what door is right. Month is short – but when you are weaponed – it’s easy to cope with tricks of fortune and step by step, steadily, by your own hands, create your future.

Gemini April 2018 Horoscope.


You have been abuzz lately and the Gemini always feels a little busy, but maybe it’s time to sweeten your spring by saying yes to a couple of dates/ Even if you are in a relationship, you can get into bad habits of all work and no play, so make an effort to inject some […]

Taurus April 2018 Horoscope.


Your innate generosity will be at play in April as you are a beautiful beast of burden this month. People around you need to be carried a little bit this time of year. You have plenty of strength for the challenges in front of you, but just expect to be on your feet a lot. […]

Aries April 2018 Horoscope.


Happy Birthday Ram! Remember, you are not at the beginning of the Zodiac to be any old mountain goat—you are here because you shimmer and catch the sunlight like the Golden Fleece, the catalyst that set all those Argonauts in motion. Of all the colors, I actually associate you with red, and surveys say that […]

April 2018 Horoscope for all zodiac signs.

April 2018 Horoscope for all zodiac signs.

To start on a scientific note for April, a deep breath predates everything—it predates movement, it’s the first element of our being before any of our five senses and even before our stomach or heartbeat. Aries represents the beginning of the zodiacal wheel, the rebirth of Spring, festivals like Easter across all cultures. A lot […]

Pisces March 2018 Horoscope.

Pisces Zodiac

First off, Happy Birthday. It’s more your wont than any other sign to stop and reflect on the past year, as your birthday always puts the vacuum on the bag to suck the air out of the past to preserve your emotional leftovers for the future. And you can often see into that future, even […]

Aquarius March 2018 Horoscope.

Aquarius Zodiac

Aquarians always teeter on the edge of insanity and expertise, but stay confident that you still have a lot to offer right now, maybe even more as a group member than as a group spokesperson. It’s a good time to field notes rather than write journal entries. Things really are darting around you and catching […]

Capricorn March 2018 Horoscope.


At New York’s Guggenheim museum, On Kawara, a Japanese conceptual artist who happens to be a Capricorn, is being recognized with a career retrospective entitled Silence. In his most well-known work, the Today series, Kawara painted the day’s date on the canvas, one per day. By the time he died, he had painted nearly 3000 […]

Sagittarius March 2018 Horoscope.

Sagittarius Zodiac

This message seems complicated, but the conclusion for you right now involves getting temporarily unhinged to reality in order to embrace the magic and wonder that makes up your intellect. Not what you can do or all that you are capable of, but get in tune with practicing and researching what you know, which seems […]

Scorpio March 2018 Horoscope.

Scorpio Zodiac

Great things are happening for Scorpio. The immediate future looks like it will begin with the most extroverted version of you (also referred to as The Eagle) and start jumping backwards into yourself to reserve your energy. In your extroverted state, you are actually part of a group. You are sort of a ringleader, even. […]

Libra March 2018 Horoscope.

Libra Zodiac

Robust, beautiful Libra, ruled by Venus; even in the frigid weather, your planet is basking in warm waters of Pisces during the mid-month, which is a perfect excuse to give yourself permission to dream. It’s a good time for personal maintenance. Taking care of your feet might be nice even if it isn’t exactly sandal […]