Libra June 2018 Horoscope.

Libra Zodiac

Things have been difficult for you to balance lately, especially when it comes to money and your domestic life. The curious Capricorn Full Moon on June 28 might spur you to mix things up, but don’t do anything rash, at least not until June 11 when Mercury goes back into direct orbit. Signing contracts and starting new projects are off limits until then, too.

Venus, your ruling planet, sparks a fire in your social life with hot Leo from June 5 to 18. This phase will make seeing friends you never see anymore and going to places you never go anymore so much more sweet. No more cold-fish social life for you!

You singles will relish your airy independence this month, but that doesn’t mean you won’t feel up for getting freaky. Try someplace new (or just go on Tinder) for a change of scenery around the New Moon in Gemini (June 13). But attached Libras won’t miss out on this fun streak: Just expect to spend a lot of playtime with your boo.

Work is practically the only thing on the menu after June 24 when action-packed Mars enters your 10th House of Career. Set your ambitions sky high—there’s no telling how much you can achieve during this time.

You should be getting your ducks in a row right now as far as your career goals go. Whether you’re consciously thinking about changing jobs, or just day-dreaming about where you might see yourself a few years down the road, the planets are favorably aligned for you to start doing something about it now. Maybe you just need to dust off your resume. Or maybe you’re seriously entertaining the idea of changing careers. Either way you want to work on being ready for opportunities as they arise. With Mercury retrograding on the 7th, you may not want to make an actual change right now. But it’s an excellent time to send out feelers, particularly to those you’ve had dealings with in the past. The Sun moves into your career sector (joining Jupiter which is already there) on the 21st; The New Moon also takes place in this area on the 13th. You can make important connections during this time that will reverberate into professional opportunities for months to come. Relationships may be a bit tricky for you though, especially the weekend of the 16th/ 17th. You may have to fend off unwanted advances — from someone who just won’t take no for an answer — or cut someone off who has misread your cues. Work on being firmer and more direct: that Mercury retrograde coupled with some nasty Venus aspects can get you into hot water if you don’t.

After all the toil and trouble of last month, you are feeling rather relaxed and chilled in June. You are in the mood for socializing, good food, and good wine. This is certainly an opportune time for reading, artistic hobbies or going away somewhere quiet by the sea or a lake. You are in the mood for tranquility and to pamper yourself and also to have a chance to escape mentally and think. I often think that as adults we do not have enough time to THINK; yes, we constantly worry and obsess about work and chores and what we have to do next, but the joy of daydreaming and allowing ourselves to think of something fanciful or of nothing in particular can be lost. Escape in good books, movies or music thins the month and allows the arts to awaken your soul to the beauty of life beyond the madding crowd.

In June helping a friend or family member who is in need can give you a real sense of pleasure and purpose. So often, we feel very alone in this life, as if it’s each man for himself, period!

However, in June your interaction with others will remind you of the intrinsic connection we all have and the joy one can have through experiencing that. Allergies can affect you in June 2018, and so be careful of what you eat and drink – check the ingredients.

Libra June 2018 Love Horoscope

A much smoother month love-wise; you are feeling romantic and dreamy. It would be ideal if your partner treated you to a romantic dinner somewhere special or a surprise trip to the theatre.

The one danger is carelessness about communications – be sure what you say is understood properly, as misunderstandings can derail the romance. Say things clearly and don’t assume anything, get it straight.

Single Librans may have a surprise romantic communication or a mystery admirer who sends flowers or a message in June. Who in your circle fancies you but is afraid to make the first move? That is the question. A good month for new and established relationships, whether you party or just veg out on the couch – it’s fun and enjoyable.

Due to the good aspects Jupiter is receiving, located in the house of adrenaline and pleasure, the spirit of adventure will intensify, the occasions to have fun will become more, the sexual impulse will rise.

Free love, with no constraints and responsibilities, will be much more tempting now than the steady, official relationship.

If you have one, marriage could undergo a period of complications and doubts.

Libra June 2018 Career Horoscope

June is a very good month for those who work in creative careers – you have time to be imaginative and not too many deadlines (like last month). The one danger being that although you are creative, you can struggle with practical issues to do with your projects.

A particularly successful month for those who work in alternate fields, homeopathy, natural medicine or health food – you are able to help people and successfully communicate the benefits of your field of medicine or health, generating interest and new clients. A very good month to write about or hold a seminar on holistic health and well-being. A close bond can be formed with colleagues in June with a keen sense of community developing in your workplace. However, if there are serious underlying issues and dissatisfaction within your place of work: mistrust, deviousness and even dishonesty can be a problem, and so do beware of these issues intensifying in June.

Be careful of people who work with you that freeload or are not responsible due to emotional issues they are going through in June 2018.

The creative spirit will be high and all your talents will be strongly highlighted. The desire for superior instruction, for study and intellectual manifestation will manifest in an obvious way.

You’ll be stressed out about a trip, exam, course or handing in a paper.

It seems that it will be a month of investments and business initiatives. There are chances that extra money comes along or from side sources, maybe even the perspective of a profitable collaboration.

Libra June 2018 Health Horoscope

The Sun in Gemini and Jupiter in Aquarius will consistently energize you. The physical tonus shouldn’t be a problem, but there’s a predisposition to small accidents, infections or acute, short episodes.

Psychically, you’ll tend to anxiety.

Advice for Libra June 2018

Don’t rush into taking decisions or acting without analyzing the situation first!

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