Leo July 2018 Horoscope.

Leo Zodiac

Change is in the air at the workplace and with your daily routine at large. Luckily, the Capricorn full moon will spin any changes into the best possible scenario. This lunation also points to a rich sense of creative fulfillment from completing a big project or assignment. Any health or dental issues (especially if they require a physical procedure) should be tackled during this period, as well. Don’t put this one off.

Venus will shroud you with a sense of security, supporting your personal development as she holds Leo’s paw for most of July. You’ll feel this sensual lady become cold when she shifts into Virgo on July 18 in preparation for her retrograde (July 25 through September 6).

During Venus’ retrograde, it’s crucial for you Leos to reflect on your self-worth and how that’s impacted your relationships.

There’s a lot going on for Leos this month as Jupiter makes its grand entrance (yes Jupiter does everything grandly) on the 16th. This will herald a year for you where you will be under the beneficial influence of this lucky planet and it should see you with an abundance of ideas and possibly not enough time or energy to put all your plans into action just yet. This is not a problem… you have about 12 months of Jupiter’s benefits so enjoy it while it lasts. The moon in Leo on the 27th gives you food for thought in what you would like to do that is new to you or different that takes you in a new and exciting direction. As the last effects of Mercury’s retrograde leave your area of spirituality and Mars enters your area of communication along with the Sun entering your own sign towards the end of the month you can be sure that July will be a month for you to remember. Get rid of the old that is not working for you and welcome in the new.

Allocation of time is quite challenging in July: there is a balance to be struck between ongoing tasks and projects and nurturing the new initiative you have going.

The planets indicate new beginnings in July; however, they also indicate that these new beginnings are not exclusively begging for your time – there are still previous responsibilities that must be honored. So the bottom line is not to forget the old when embracing the new.

You may have recently moved home or be moving home in July – it may not be a clean break, and issues to do with the previous property be it those you rented from or with, or maintenance issues will continue to demand your attention.

At times in July, it is like driving with the brake on – you have to be disciplined and patient, and at the same time you cannot just stop, you must keep moving and keep making bold decisions.

Issues to do with your home life may be a burden. It is possible that responsibilities to do with home and family curtail your freedom to live your own life. It may also be true that attitudes and beliefs of your culture are clashing with your desire for freedom and living your life as you want to. You have the power to deal with these if you are patient and go about it sensibly.

Over-indulgence in sweet and fatty foods is a temptation and must be avoided in July.

Leo July 2018 Love Horoscope

July is an excellent month for communicating feelings of love. You are in the mood for harmony, love and pleasure. Yes, it’s holiday season for the Northern Hemisphere and cozy fire time in the Southern hemisphere, and you are in the mood for love. Your love life in July will be one of togetherness, relaxation and romantic walks along the beach. Sex is very fulfilling and meaningful – not “wham bam thank-you ma’am” style.

You are very thoughtful and conciliatory in July – you are laid back and want harmony and peace above all. This attitude is highly conducive to pleasure and openness in the relationship. You and your partner are very sociable, and this also aids the general feeling of happiness and wellbeing at this time.

Single Leo have an excellent chance to meet a new mate in July – this is the best month of the year for new relationships. You are receptive and highly attractive. Your Leo flair is in full swing, and you are ready to show the world who you are and what a warm, caring, generous heart you have.

You’ll be going through a more tense period, and the general stress can have an impact on your couple life as well, especially in the first decan of July 2018.

On the other hand, it’s maybe pressure that can push you into doing things that you otherwise would have hesitated doing: start a conquering campaign, be the first one attempting a make-up, etc. However, don’t forget that your house of couples is ruled by the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction in 2018, which can have deceptive effects!

Leo July 2018 Career Horoscope

You may think that it is out with the old and in with the new, but as mentioned in previous paragraphs, the tried and tested methods and systems should not be thrown out in your haste to embrace change and new techniques. Also, you must not neglect old client bases in favour of a new market.

July is an excellent month for those who make money writing, especially in the romance, poetry genre; this applies to copywriting, novel writing, promotional writing.

This is a financially opportune month for business involving real estate, mining, farming and consumer products to do with the home. Management of property and issues to do with property or warehouses where you store things may be an issue, so do make sure your security and insurance arrangements are well organized.

Issues to do with financing arrangements and tax affairs are important in July – get some good advice early on in the year to see if a new arrangement of debt or an investment opportunity can save you some tax. You are very focused at work in July with an eye for detail and the ability to spot things that others do not. You will not have much patience with co-workers who do not pull their weight, and this may be a flashpoint. The end of the month sees a slowing of the pace with more time to chill out.

Until the 12th of July 2018, Mars, located in your house of career, will be in a tense aspect with Jupiter and Neptune, generating stress, effort and fights whose stake are hierarchy, fame, reputation.

Associations can be tested, while competition and opponents can cause you troubles. To win, you have to be objective and control your impulsiveness.

The second part of July 2018 will be more relaxed, favorable to collaboration and group activities.

The financial sector will recover after 18th of July.

Leo July 2018 Health Horoscope

In July the inconveniences of 2018 will be more visible: the tendency to excesses and the difficulty to manage the careless impulses.

Hence the danger of extra weight and of aggravating ailments that require a certain lifestyle, but also the danger of getting involved in stress-generating situations. Moderation!

MyFreeHoroscopes’ Advice for Leo July 2018

Attention: the effects of the eclipse can be related to health, disillusion or secret conspiracies!

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