Gemini July 2018 Horoscope.


The Aquarius Full Moon opens the month by putting you in an uncomfortable spot financially. But this may be a blessing in disguise: You might pay off a major debt (like a credit card or student loan), or you might just be hyperaware of your situation and financial strategy. In either case, you’re under financial review. Remain on an even keel, and you’ll be cool as a cucumber.

July 13’s New Moon will present an opportunity for earning extra green through a talent or hobby (I see you, Etsy!). Meanwhile, trouble lurks just below the surface with agitated surrounding planetary aspects. Tame your impatience and chill—especially when it comes to financial talks. After Venus enters her retrograde period (July 25 to September 6), mastering the art of communication will be your main priority.

As Mercury turns direct after the 1st and makes its way through the degrees of Gemini and Cancer until it hits the degree it first went retrograde at in June you will still need to keep your wits about you so do not get pulled back into any miscommunication disasters. Alongside this Venus is in your sign until the 17th which may give you a bit of an inkling as to where these communication disasters may arise… namely in your love life. All is not lost for you though because after the 16th when Jupiter enters your area of communication you will be at your very best when it comes to getting your point of view across and also with having things go your way. Work and security will also feature prominently for you towards the end of the month with both Mercury and Venus urging you to find something to do that gives you a better work / life balance and Mars entering an area of your chart that gives you extra drive. Don’t push yourself too hard though as Mars can also spell health problems for you if you don’t find that balance I was speaking of earlier.

Family relationships, especially those with women are in focus in July. Tolerance and acceptance are the key issues in getting over hurdles in understanding. Bridges must be re-built, and family ties reestablished in July. Your nurturing and loving side is at the forefront as you display emotions and affection. Family matters in July, and spending quality time with your parents and your children is fulfilling and emotionally nourishing. Your extended family may come together to celebrate or to support a family member who needs some help. Motherhood is especially fulfilling and rewarding right now, and you can really appreciate the bond you have with your children. If you do not have children, you may feel very broody and begin to think in that direction.

Eating and catering are very much part of the month as they usually are when family come together; you may be involved in making many of the plans regarding purchasing and organizing of the food. Events will center on your home.

July it is very much a back to your roots month with renewed appreciation of who you are and where you come from. You may get out old photos and albums as your children start to take an interest in how you grew up. You may feel inspired to write about something which happened in your past and which shaped you.

Gemini July 2018 Love Horoscope

Your understanding and caring nature will go a long way to ensuring that love relationships are close, warm and happy. You are in a very giving, inclusive and gentle mood and are craving closeness. You will demand attention from your partner, and you need to feel that warmth back right now; if your partner is distant, stressed or emotionally unresponsive you can be very moody and sulky. You are putting a lot of effort in in July in terms of relationships, and if you do not see an equally loving response, your feelings will be hurt. My advice is to not put it all out there; be loving by all means, but as soon as you feel it is not being reciprocated, pull back and protect yourself. Do not keep giving to someone who is not in the mood or the right frame of mind to give back.

In new relationships, the impulse is to be very open and full-on emotionally – this can set you up for a disappointment, especially as since you are rather sensitive right now, you may even take a small insignificant rebuff to heart. When your partner responds, this can be an amazing month for love, warmth and really meaningful sex.

On 5th July 2018, Venus, the planet of love, will enter your sign, and on 12th Mars, the planet of lust and passion, will follow it. Under the influence of the two, there are high chances that July becomes really hot!

You’ll have a sexual magnetism that will irresistibly attract and in your turn, you’ll be chasing any trace of pheromones… Receptivity will be at its peak, both affectively and erotically.

Sentimental opportunities can occur at any time, but especially in the last decan of July 2018.

Gemini July 2018 Career Horoscope

If you are not employed or are looking to change your employment, in July 2018 is an ideal one to examine the options closely to work from home or even work more hours from home. Think about how you could increase time spent with family and your own flexibility if you spent more hours working from home and less travelling into work. Talk to people online who are already doing this via forums, g+, etc. and see if you can get any tips or advice.

Gemini who write for a living will find this an extremely fruitful month when they will be inspired, especially when writing on romantic and emotional issues as well as those to do with nature, animals and healthy lifestyles.

Geminis, who are in teaching, may find that their pupils come to them for advice and guidance. In all aspects of business, July is a time to invest and save money. In terms of investments, look towards traditional and evergreen stocks rather than start-ups or teckie firms.

In any job or business, do not allow sentimentality over some aspect of your business to cloud your judgment. Sometimes you have to let something go for the better.

With Venus and Mars in your sign, July 2018 promises to be a very active month especially as concerns relationships – with collaborations and much socialization, but also with fights and rivalries.

After 12th of July 2018 initiatives and energetic activities are foreseen. The competition will get tighter, the will stronger, the ambition will increase. You’ll be efficient: you’ll take action, cut through the chase, solve.

The second decan of July will be financially promising and it can unexpectedly bring money or facility.

Gemini July 2018 Health Horoscope

If you’re a bit weak in the first decan of July 2018, don’t worry! You’ll recover after the 12th: you’ll have strength, fast reactions, impulse.

Mars will keep you ready for action. You’d better humor it by getting involved in a consistent physical activity, because otherwise the unused energy can cause problems: acute ailments, infections, inflammations, injuries because of speed or imprudence.

MyFreeHoroscopes’ Advice for Gemini July 2018

Attention: the effects of the eclipse can be especially financial!

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