Capricorn July 2018 Horoscope.


The Full Moon in Aquarius electrifies your usually serene emotional state on July 27, compelling you to drop dead weight. This month will be all about shedding anything that no longer serves you—like a snake shedding skin, you’ve outgrown many aspects of your life and need to trim down. On a superficial level, July is a prime time to clean out your wardrobe to make way for a new you.

Caps in business might take on a new business partner around July 15. If so, proceed with the awareness that a power struggle is possible now. If you can control your anger, the next two weeks will be ripe with opportunity to nurture this partnership. Attached Capricorns might experience a rebirth in their relationship, but that doesn’t mean it won’t come without a fight.

Money will be under the microscope from July 25 until Venus goes direct again on September 6. You’re on the road to financial empowerment, even if it feels like you’re wandering in a swamp.

You may have work on your mind for the first half of the month and as Mercury gradually travels through the degrees of Gemini to bring it back to rest at 3 degrees of Cancer where it originally went retrograde you will have time to think and re think on what you perhaps have been juggling for a while and why it isn’t working for you. This involves looking at your love life and your work life and if you need any more prompting to look more closely at your love life the full moon on the 12th may shine so much of a light on what is not working for you there that you are forced to take action to rectify matters. Venus to the rescue! Luckily Venus, planet of love, will arrive in your relationship sector on the 18th where you need to pay attention to giving a bit more of your time to your partner and not think that burning the candles at both ends and working all hours is going to buy you any brownie points within the relationship… its not… so stop doing it.

Those in the zodiac sign of Scorpio in July won’t feel at ease, especially in their “personal life.” The situation will be out of the ordinary, because the position of Venus, responsible for the “expulsion” of the sign Scorpio, and it will be repeatedly strengthened and drastically reinforced. As a result, you will need to reassess many aspects of your life so that you can honorably find a way out from the potentially negative situations, which, perhaps, can be avoided, but in this case, the stars do not give such advice. However, everything is not all that bad, and although Saturn, your traditional exaltation, will leave you, the Moon, in its normal position responsible for the “fall” of Scorpios, will change the modality of its energy flows and turn into your relatively strong ally. Let’s not forget about the position of Mars, the ruler of the sign Scorpio, which won’t leave you in the lurch. Thus, all in all, we’re talking about a very dynamic and positive stage of life, which only at certain points will demonstrate to you all the cons of your current worldview, or something similar to this. Oddly enough, the stars are now talking only about potential putting all your efforts into your ability to find the answers and solutions without too much help from the starts. In a way they are asking you to trust your own judgement and gut-feeling, and sneakily suggest your ability to come up with productive methods for their solutions. So, despite a small adverse planetary influence this month, as usual, you have the lion’s share of all ability to resolve issues concentrated in your own hands, which gives hope for a positive outcome from any situation. Trust yourself this month!

Capricorn July 2018 Love Horoscope

Your “love life” won’t bring you any significant events, even though in July, the Moon, as has been mentioned above, will side with Scorpios; the younger sister of the lord of the vault of heaven, which is traditionally considered the patroness of emotions and secret desires. This hint isn’t ambiguous at all, is it? This is good, because in the coming month you will be required to show all the straightforwardness that you’re capable of!

Under no circumstances allow yourself to get engaged in backroom intrigues and intricacies; all this should always be below your dignity and be dismissed at a very early stage. It is important to retain your original beliefs. Do not let your friends and family change your own views; it’ll be better to go on the offensive and try to plant at least a shred of doubt into their minds. Fight for your ideals, but peacefully and quietly, especially in the family circle, where you surely have no enemies.

Your relational area will be under magnifying glasses, experiencing surprising events, according to the eclipse and other astral configurations.

And if the harmonious aspects the Sun and Mercury in your house of couples will make with Uranus in your house of communication can bring nice surprises in the second decan of July 2018, the eclipse won’t be as generous for the rest of the period.

Either the relationship or your partner will face an unexpected obstacle.

Capricorn July 2018 Career Horoscope

July will be a quite spectacular and colorful month, perhaps a little crazy, but definitely positive. The idea is that during the second month of summer the majority of your plans are likely to reach their logical conclusion; the long-awaited finale, to which you have been striving for six months. Success will await you, though it will be unusual and nothing like what you’ve had in mind. Regardless of the element you’re associated with, you will be subject to a plethora of surprises, mostly brought about by the consequences of your own actions. But don’t worry; you’ll be able to achieve the desirable in any case. In fact, the Moon and Uranus will be strong enough to neutralize almost any external negative fluids, so the zodiac signs, for which one of these celestial objects serves as a patron of classical order, will find themselves in a rather advantageous position.

Although, it is worth repeating that the bonuses you’ll receive will be pretty peculiar.
The career area won’t provide Scorpios with total victories, but some financial bonuses will significantly contribute to your family’s income. It’s important here not to let circumstances pull you down. In order to avoid this, evaluate your every step; analyze everything that’s happening around you before making even a small move forward. True, at such a pace you will move forward very slowly, much slower than you intended. On the other hand, you’ll get at least two advantages: you’ll reduce the risk of your own mistake to almost zero and at the same time mix the cards of your opponents, who clearly did not expect such slow development.

Thus, as an outcome you’ll find yourself in a fairly positive situation, which clearly should not be neglected. Another thing, do not hesitate to use your official position. Of course within the boundaries of law and decency! You might be too uptight and too hard on yourself. Remember that honor and dignity are important, but fanaticism in the use of these concepts often negates all the potentially positive effects. In relations with your colleagues, be friendly, but fair. If you hold a high-ranking position, you should not tolerate unpleasant personalities next to you, even if they are excellent professionals. 

In the first part of July 2018 you might be tempted into a fast way of earning money, but it won’t lack dangers.

The money you’ll earn by working in the second part of the month will be more certain. The effort will be considerable, but also the earnings. In the same period something special to work on might appear, something that will catch your whole attention.

Relationships with colleagues or subordinates will be more subjective, influenced by sentimental changes. Collaborations and contracts can become troublesome.

Capricorn July 2018 Health Horoscope

With Mars in your house of health, after 12th July 2018 there will be a risk of acute pathology or trauma. Some extra prudence is needed when handling dangerous objects (weapons, sharp or hot objects).

Sun exposure must be reduced and protection lotions with high protection factor need to be used. You should also cut down on alcohol, coffee, stimulants and spices.

MyFreeHoroscopes’ Advice for Capricorn July 2018

Beware: the eclipse will concern the couple, collaborations, contracts, trials, disputes and competitions.

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