Cancer June 2018 Horoscope.

Cancer Zodiac Sign

You can breathe a sigh of relief when it comes to your career this month. If you’ve been dealing with an important, energy-sucking project at work, it’ll likely end (or ease up) around the Full Moon on June 28. Whatever your hustle, the Full Capricorn Moon will energize the dynamic for a positive outcome.

Money is on your mind with Venus lounging around opulent Leo from June 5 to the 18th. You’re maxing out when it comes to personal finances, but if you plan on asking for that raise (and you do deserve it, selfless Cancer), June is primo.

You’ll no doubt welcome the relaxed vibe around June 11 when trickster Mercury finally goes direct. Many moonchildren are mentally exhausted from strange subconscious messages that may have surfaced during the retrograde. Luckily, the New Moon in cerebral Gemini on June 13 grants you a psychological reboot.

Everyone around you better hit the deck around June 24: Fiery Mars will rendezvous with watery Cancer for the first time in two years. You will literally be indestructible — especially at work.

You start the month with Mercury in your sign and a beautiful Moon / Jupiter conjunction (also in Cancer) lighting up the Night Sky. If you can keep this image in your mind this month you’ll stand a good chance of staying out of your own way. Things start out good. But then Mercury goes retrograde in your sign (on the 7th) and moves into your 12th house on the 17th. From this point forward, things get tricky. Misunderstandings can cause you to jump to conclusions or make assumptions based on misinformation. Until you have all the facts, don’t just assume that you’re right and everyone else is wrong. This is especially important regarding family members and relationship partners. An opposition between Venus and Saturn on the 12th could see you clinging too tightly to someone who wants to put you in the friend zone. If you’re presently involved and notice that your partner seems aloof and disconnected, don’t make it worse by pushing for intimacy. Take a step back — at least until the 18th, when Venus and Jupiter shift things back into sync. The Sun moves into your sign on the 21st, followed by the Full Moon there on the 28th. The end of the month marks a new beginning for you, so tap into that Full Moon energy and turn over a brand new leaf.

You can learn in June how a subtle change in how you express yourself can make a big difference to your effectiveness. It is actually a tricky month; much will be thrown at you, and everything that comes your way is an opportunity to learn something which you can use in terms of your growth and development. On a more general level, you will come across new situations in June that will reflect how far the new you or the evolving you have come.

When you change for your own good, not everyone is happy, some are decidedly uncomfortable as the new you is somewhat of a threat. You must not retreat, this year is such a fantastic chance for improving self-knowledge, and so use both the peculiar and annoying circumstances in June to further your self-understanding, even if what you uncover makes you uncomfortable. Your imagination and ability to visualize is sensational in June, and so if you use visualization in conjunction with affirmations to think positive, or if you use your imagination in your day-to-day work, you will find that your ability to see things with clarity in your head is a great tool.

Cancer June 2018 Love Horoscope

Loyalty is something of a focal point in love: if you are questioning your partner’s loyalty you will be withdrawn, aloof and cool, making it clear to him/her that loyalty is a priority. When you feel that loyalty is not in question that is when you will give with wholehearted abundance. You are generous with love and affection in June in secure relationships where you feel respected and safe. If you do feel you are holding back in a new or more established relationship then you must ask yourself why you feel insecure – are there issues of trust you need to sort out?

New relationships where you feel neglected and unappreciated are likely to end with you drifting off to greener pastures.

The signs for love are excellent in June, which is why you do not want to be wasting your affections on someone who does not deserve them. Lavish your partner with love and enjoy the bond you have both in friendship and spiritually, if you cannot do this, then it is time to call the relationship into question. One thing you must look out for in both new and regular relationships is managing high expectations: you are very outgoing, bubbly and open-hearted in June, and you will expect that enthusiasm to be reciprocated. You must appreciate the more subtle demonstrations of love, not only the overt ones, and don’t expect the earth to move every time, even though your sex life should on average be great.

When affectivity combines with friendship, we’re looking at a long-term relationship.

It’s not very clear whether the relationship you’re having will take on the aspect of a friendship and complicity, or an older friendship tends to turn into a love story. In both cases, your couple life will become more dynamic, along with more communicative.

Only the last decade of June 2018 could become more tiring, especially if you were born in June.

Cancer June 2018 Career Horoscope

An outstanding month for Cancerians who work in cinema, music, theatre and also pharmacy. You can be highly productive, and the results will be inspiring for many. Keen perception and an ability to act ahead of trends emerging will allow you to connect with and make an impact on the public.

Yes, you will have doubts, and the way to deal with those doubts is via good routines and persistence. For careers that are compassionate and creative, this is a very favorable month. It is less fortuitous for careers involving banking, building, management or admin as information can be hazy and not clear cut; hard and fast facts are difficult to establish and many decisions can be a stab in the dark night. Take your time over any decisions you have to make and realize that no decision will be 100% or even 70% correct – you should delay making important financial decisions (until next month) and where you are forced to make a choice between various options, use your instincts and do not look back. This is not a good time to speculate or gamble with money or your business’s future, be very aware of scams or any prospects which look too ‘glossy’ – if it sounds too good to be true, it is! Be very clear in communications and keep everything in writing – shy away from verbal agreements and handshake deals as they will not hold. Take nothing at face value – scrutinize information and get second opinions on matters of importance.

You’ll get really involved in group projects or joint activities, where you’ll enjoy popularity and create an image of yourself as a resourceful leader.

Friends will encourage you to start some more difficult procedures and they will be good advisors, but not when it comes to money.

Although you’ll initially dwell on some papers, discussions and transactions, June 2018 will be a profitable month for business, inheritance, donations or relations with financial institutions (banks, treasury, insurance etc.).

Cancer June 2018 Health Horoscope

You’ll be in shape, you’ll have energy, but you’ll lack moderation.

Stress will be rather high, as well, and if you don’t have enough rest, you might strain yourself. Cut down on coffee, spices and other stimulants!

Advice for Cancer June 2018

Watch your health! You should spare especially the eyes, heart and spine!

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