Cancer July 2018 Horoscope.

Cancer Zodiac Sign

Your typically rosy outlook on love might be hampered by the extra-sensitive full moon in your house of partnerships, making you all too aware of the thrown-wrenches poised to fuck up your relationship. But in true Cancerian fashion, your ironclad faith in love will get you through. If you and your partner (business or romantic) have been involved in a lawsuit, you’ll see things start to wrap up now, too.

A New Moon on July 13 — marking your yearly chance for rebirth—means that there are no limits to what you can initiate right now. But because Mars and Mercury will be in a bitchy angle to Pluto, you might feel discouraged by a lack of support from your partner, family, and friends. Don’t let this mirage kill your vibe—but avoid confrontation and keep your mind in a positive frame.

Venus will begin her retrograde on July 25 in your house of earned income. Take the opportunity to rekindle an old hobby or talent—it might pay. Literally.

The Full Moon in your relationship sector on the 13th pivots very closely to Mercury entering your sign again after its recent retrograde along with Venus which will also enter Cancer on the 16th. What does this mean for you? For starters things seem very focused on your love life and if you’ve been experiencing any miscommunication there lately then now is an excellent time to see that everything is sorted out. Just make sure that you wait till the latter part of the month to do so. You’ve had a year of Jupiter in your sign and on the 16th this ends. You might as well all sigh a collective “ahh” right now as Jupiter, planet of luck and adventure, leaves your sign and enters your area of security and stability. It’s good to start planning your finances and what you need to see you through and you have plenty of luck now to help you acquire that which you may have been dreaming of even if it is a little sad to see a planet such as this leave your sign for another 12 years. I can almost see you reaching out to contain it and try to keep it in your sign… don’t bother… Jupiter always has a mind of its own.

A strongly perfectionistic tendency means that you are highly focused and driven. You have a heightened sense of responsibility in both financial affairs and within your work and personal relationships. You have a strong sense of doing the right thing, which will help you to maintain focus despite obstacles. You are committed to being organized, and you want to get the most from yourself and others – you cannot tolerate laziness and apathy in those around you, and that may earn you the tag of taskmaster in July. You are not very patient and will not suffer fools gladly; you are strong-willed and want to see practical accomplishments.

Burdens and emotional responsibility are also a theme in July – older relatives or family members may be very demanding – you can deal with these rather calmly and rationally.

July is a month where your determination and ambition as well as good judgment and diligence, can pay dividends. You will strive to exercise responsibility and will relish leadership roles.

One downside is that you can be unforgiving and can dwell on resentful thoughts; your challenge in July is only to worry about what you have control of and to quickly move on after setbacks or disagreements. You have a strong sense of purpose in July and will show your devotion to the people and causes you support. It is also a time when you will staunchly stand by your allies, values and loved ones, even in the face of criticism.

Cancer July 2018 Love Horoscope

You are very critical in July and can be quite acerbic without realizing it – try to be aware of this before you hurt the feelings of your partner without meaning to.

As I said before, forgiving and forgetting is a hard job in July as there is a real difficulty in letting go of some issues. However, if you can move past upsets and hurts without descending into biting sarcasm and insult trading, there is a wonderful opportunity for you to grow within relationships and experience a sexual healing.

Your vulnerabilities may be exposed via circumstances in both life and relationships, and yet it is within the relationship dynamic where you will have to deal with these insecurities. It is these very insecurities which are behind your critical and demanding attitudes. You may look to hide by getting immersed in work, but you must confront these inner feelings head-on, or they will surface within arguments and conflict in relationships. You need to get beyond some emotional blocks that are stopping you achieving a full level of understanding and devotion in love.

There may be arguments about money in July, but money is just the excuse to air feelings, not the real issues at stake – do not skirt around the periphery, be honest and confront the core matters of the heart. It is all about trust and moving away from fear of betrayal. Once this is dealt with, a brilliant month for love on a higher level awaits.

With a lunar eclipse in your house of relationships, you won’t be quite well off. Moreover since the eclipse will be conjunct with the Black Moon, the symbol of frustrations, temptations and impossible wishes.

If you have a steady relationship, problems can be transitory. Anyway, stay by your partner’s side, because they might have some problems.

If your relationship is at the beginning, be very tactful! And if you don’t have a relationship yet, July 2018 is not the right time to start one.

Cancer July 2018 Career Horoscope

Financial management in your business is crucial – outgoings must be looked at and perhaps some tasks can be outsourced. Look for new suppliers and concentrate on stream-lining and looking for input and cost savings in July.

Cancer, in July, you may be involved in charity events, and philanthropic activities arranged by your employer, you may also participate in social events with colleagues.

Sustainability and issues which affect your company or business’s relationship with the local community will come under the microscope. The more your business is seen as part of the local community the better; if what you do or the way you do it is causing opposition, this needs to be worked on. Hard work within a structure is the theme at work – July is not the time to be controversial and go against the establishment, work with what you have and with what you know. It is a time to improve rather than innovate and so concentrate on getting something 100% right before moving on to the next thing.

July is an excellent month for those studying the arts be it sculpture, architecture, theatre, design, film or graphics.

Status and fame could improve following the good aspects the Sun and Mercury will make in Cancer. The second decan of July 2018 could be the most relevant in this respect.

However, since the total Solar eclipse will take place in your sign, get ready for changes, for unexpected turning points. They can take place at any time up to the New Year’s Eve, but most likely in July or in the first part of August 2018.

Cancer July 2018 Health Horoscope

The transit of the Sun will lend you energy until the 22nd of July, and the one of Mercury will provide cheerfulness, clear thinking and handiness until the 17th of July 2018.

But, with the eclipse in your sign and Mercury in your twelfth house of diseases and secret dangers, you never know, so… take care! You should especially avoid haste, imprudence and excesses.

MyFreeHoroscopes’ Advice for Cancer June 2018

Attention: the effects of the eclipse can take their toll particularly on your health and position. Watch out, stay away from gossip and secret enemies!

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