August 2018 Horoscope for all zodiac signs.

The month of August

Your Light wants to shine – LET IT SHINE!
Let it light up your life and the lives of others!

We may feel like we’re in a slump during these last dog days of summer, but the excitement of the season isn’t over just yet. Venus, the sensual ruler of love, romance, comfort, and money, will travel retrograde through Leo all month, a provocative aspect for rewiring any of these parts of your life that need repairs. This will be an extremely revelatory month, so if you’re unsure if any of these areas need revamping, you’ll know soon enough.

Jupiter steals the show on August 11, when he moves on from his fortuitous, yearlong stay in Leo and into meticulous and earthy Virgo. Until September 2019, all 12 of the zodiac will have golden opportunities to put matters related to health, daily routine, and work life under the microscope. Everyone will experience more support in these areas, but this will be felt especially strongly on August 26, the luckiest, sunniest day of the entire month for all signs.

August 11 boasts a bold and brilliant New Moon in fiery Leo, clearing the way for some well-deserved excitement. You’ll be handed a clean slate to start fresh in matters of the heart and creative pursuits. Seek out anything that brings you the most pleasure and joy (safely), this month. You simply won’t be able to resist hedonism’s last siren song of summer.

The month’s end will be focused on ironing out communication static, along with escaping. Mercury will enter congenial Libra on August 27, making collaborations and partnership negotiations buttery-smooth. Once the Pisces Full Moon closes the month on the 26th, you’ll be beyond stoked to sit by the beach or the pool. Whatever your druthers, make sure to spend that weekend relaxing—you’ll need to restore your energy for an even busier September.

We are entering the time of year that has the Sun moving into Leo. As the Sun rules Leo astrologically, this month will be like having the Sun energy twice over!. And much like its ruler in the midst of summer, Leo energy likes to be “center stage” with the spotlight shining fully and brightly on its expression.

Leo is the actor and actress energy of the Zodiac, as most of them somehow manage to be or become the center of attention in their lives. Many Leos or people with strong Leo influences in their charts receive attention naturally or automatically with their mere presence. Yet most Leos don’t (fully) realize they have this power and presence about them, and spend much of their lives seeking acknowledgement.

There are always two expressions of any Zodiac sign’s energy. When self-awareness, self-respect, and self-love is present, the expression of a sign’s energy is often healthy and life-affirming. When those elements are absent, the unhealthy and toxic expression tends to rear its head. That said, there are traits that all Leos have in common – generosity, loyalty, pride, radiance, creativity, pleasure. How those traits come to fruition in an individual’s expression is the variable.

When negative, Leo’s generosity comes with strings of expectation attached. Loyalty comes with the anticipation of servitude to the Leo’s every request, pride becomes arrogance and makes every matter a matter of saving face, and creativity is used to manipulate others.

BUT when positive, Leo’s generosity is free and open without expectation of return. Loyalty is given because they genuinely like and care for people. Pride becomes pride in and promotion of others.

The Light expressions of Leo energy often come forth once Leos recognize and shine their Light and share their unique expression fully with others and the world.

So for all of us, under the influence of this Leo vibration, I ask you the following questions:

Do you recognize any of these expressions in other people in your life?

Do you recognize any of these expressions in yourself?

How does the Light of others make you feel? Happy? Angry? Warm? Frustrated? Alive? Exhausted?

And how do you feel about the activities you participate in on a daily basis? Energized? Indifferent? Excited? Fearful?

And who do you find yourself attracting or drawing to you in your life? Do you like the people who are coming into your life? Do you enjoy their company?

The reason I ask is because the one amazing thing about Leo energy is that we ALL possess it. Even if some of us have more or less than others, we all have Light within us that deeply desires to be expressed, that wants to shine and be shared with others. More than any other sign, Leo energy not only has the capacity to shine from us but to also be reflected back onto us.

My intention with these questions is to ask you to consciously recognize what you are drawn to and/or what you are attracting into your Life and what that is saying about how you are shining your unique expression of Light. As we are all being called to shine our Light at this time of year, we are also being called upon to recognize how we are choosing to express it.

With the Sun in Leo, NOW is your time to shine! Get out there and be the most brilliant expression of yourself that you can be! Only you have the power to make your negatives the positives of your life. The choice is up to you.

Look at where Leo falls in your astrological chart for guidance in how to utilize this energy in your personal life journey. For more information and insights for this month, see your zodiac sign forecast for the August 2018.

New Moon in Leo

This month we have a New Moon in Leo on August 11 at 09:57 GMT

Full Moon in Aries

This month we have a Full Moon in Pisces on August 26, 2018 at 11:56 GMT

Here are the main planetary configurations in August 2018:

Jupiter-Neptune conjunction

The Jupiter-Neptune conjunction takes action in the background, more strongly in the first two decans of August. Its influence is both positive, as it receives good aspects from Mars, and negative, as it is opposed to the Sun. The positive effects (chance, dynamism, initiative, enthusiasm, expansion and novelty) will be felt especially by Gemini, Aries, Libra and Sagittarius. The negative effects (confusion, excesses, fanaticism, disillusion, losses, roguery, troubles caused by cheating, lies, fraud) could be felt especially by Leo, Scorpio and Taurus. Aquarius will be in the whirl, undergoing the chance of the positive effects or the risk of the negative effects, according to the personal chart.

Saturn-Mars square

The Saturn-Mars square will complete on August 10th, 2018, but will have effects between 1st and 25th August. It’s a violent and destructive configuration. At a macro level, the Mars-Saturn square can cause destruction, conflicts, riots, political overturning, military incidents, accidents, crashes, earth slides, fires, explosions, tragedies and different calamities. At a personal level, the Mars-Saturn square tends to express itself through toughness, coldness, selfishness, obstructions, blockings, constraints, hostility, conflict, bad luck, cruelty, pain, sadness, loneliness, accidents, injuries (fractures, contortions), etc. It affects health and personal safety. Much attention, especially for Gemini, Virgo, Pisces, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aries, Scorpio!

Mars-Uranus square

The Mars-Uranus square will complete on August 19th, 2018, but it will have effects between August 8th and 25th. It’s a violent and dangerous configuration, with risks of sudden tragedies. At a macro level, serious car, plane, train or work accidents could happen, also attacks, political strikes, explosions, fires, natural catastrophes, riots, military incidents. At a personal level, the Mars-Uranus square favors hustle, anxiousness, violence, risk, involvement in disputes, tendencies towards riots, towards manifesting independence at any price. It predisposes to sudden events, overturning or unexpected endings, conflicts, accidents, surgeries, sudden diseases, it implies risks of lightning, electrocution, damages, destruction of tools or gear, etc. Great prudence, especially for Gemini, Virgo, Pisces, Sagittarius, Aries and Scorpio!

Mercury conjunct Saturn, square Mars and opposing Uranus

The exact aspects will take place on 17h, 21st and 26th of August 2018, but the results will be felt between 10th and 25th August. These three aspects manifest simultaneously, supporting each other. They affect decision-making, communication, trips and exchanges. They can have a negative influence on teenagers and youth, on the teaching system, negotiations, press, the stock market and currencies. They imply high risks as regards transport accidents, they can generate work accidents or accidents related to inappropriate use of tools. They predispose to irritation, psychical pressure, fights and conflicting discussions. Special warning is in order particularly for Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces.

Mars-Pluto opposition

The exact opposition will form on the 26th of August 2018, but the effects will be visible in the interval 26th–31st August. It’s an aspect carrying high risks and dangers; it has a violent, (self)destructive influence and it can bring along tragic events, both for communities and for individuals. Attention especially for Cancer, Capricorn, Libra and Aries, particularly for people born at the beginning of the sign!

Mercury square Mars and Pluto

The exact aspects will form on 26th August and will strongly manifest in the interval 26th–31st August. The Mercury-Mars and Mercury-Pluto squares are aspects with bothering consequences on written and verbal communication, on means of giving/receiving information, but also on trips and transport. They frequently cause chain accidents. At a personal level, the two squares lend irritation, psychical tension. Much attention for the natives of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn!

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