Aries April 2018 Horoscope.


Happy Birthday Ram! Remember, you are not at the beginning of the Zodiac to be any old mountain goat—you are here because you shimmer and catch the sunlight like the Golden Fleece, the catalyst that set all those Argonauts in motion. Of all the colors, I actually associate you with red, and surveys say that irregardless of gender, human beings of all age and stripes are happy to see a woman in bright red lipstick. It’s genetic, it’s animal—Jane Goodall born April 3, one of the foremost Aries primatologists observed that even chimpanzees respond to bright lipstick. Anyway you get the picture, and here’s smiling at you kid.

Relationships take center stage for you this month — for better or worse. With your ruler (Mars) moving retrograde through your 7th house you’ll be dealing with relationships issues for at least the first few weeks. Mars is not comfortable in Libra. And it’s not used to slowing down or retracing steps — which is exactly what happens when a planet retrogrades. So be prepared to rehash old conflicts and revisit old haunts. The Universe is forcing you to deal with things that you and a loved one need to resolve before you can move forward. In the meantime, a grand cross is forming across your personal, relationship, professional and home sectors, and this is where things start to get really tricky. You could feel like you’re being pulled in several different directions, or like everyone wants a piece of you and there’s just not enough to go around. Your best bet will be finding a middle ground; getting centered and giving what you can to each area without losing sight of yourself.

Aries, caring for someone you love is a theme in April; you may have to care for a father or someone who has been a father figure to you. This may link to a role-reversal – and you may now need to take care of or help to manage the circumstances of someone who once did the same for you.

Environmental issues are also key in April – within your work; ensure you comply with all environmental health laws. You may actively participate in a community project like cleaning up an area or doing something to promote wildlife or protect a natural beauty spot.

Aries April 2018 Career Horoscope

Very independent-minded, you are sharp and strong when decisiveness is needed. The Aries monthly predictions for April points out that you will be called upon to defend yourself verbally, and you will be readily able to debate. Aries, the ability to think quickly and make rapid decisions is key in April. Make sure you are not caught out by having a grasp of all the issues you need to. Make sure your paperwork is properly submitted and that you stay on top of things – do not allow a distraction to cause you to have a slip of the tongue. This is a month when an angry word at the wrong moment can come back to bite you; if in doubt hold your tongue. When angry count to ten before you fire off a response: this includes all social media Facebook, Twitter etc and all email accounts, private and professional.

Determination and motivation, these are the directives that the trine between Saturn and Pluto gives you. Nothing can make you give up your goals. Your tenacity will be well made use of, your prestige will get stronger and the last decade of April will bring you more money.

April is a very creative time for those of you who work in technical and mechanical spheres. Science and mechanical engineering students, researchers and workers can make great strides within their fields.

Success does not come easily, but it implies fights and confrontations. In fact, the interactions with the others have a definite influence regardless if it’s about rivalry, contradictions, fights, associations or co-operations.

When defending your beliefs and ideas in the work environment, stay cool and professional, and do not take any disagreement or criticism as a personal insult. For those of you in politics and law, April is a very favourable time for making arguments and debating; as long as you remember to listen and do not rush to the wrong conclusions.

Beyond all this, April bears the promise of an expansion or progress that turns up completely by surprise or from an unplanned direction.

Aries April 2018 Love Horoscope

The April astrology for love shows that this is a very sociable month, where there will be many opportunities to meet prospective partners. Single or involved, all Arians should take the lead in love in April by spoiling your partner and taking the initiative in suggesting new things to do and places to go. Novelty and surprise are key ingredients for love and sex in April. Double dates and blind dates can work well and for couples a weekend away with friends can be fun and relaxing.

You’ll enjoy a month of emotional thrills. Your power of seduction, affective availability and the number of opportunities in love will visibly increase after April 6th, once Venus enters Aries.

Your feelings will be impetuous, whereas events, though exciting, can be rather confusing. Mars and Jupiter force Venus to express itself very lively, sometimes even dramatically or excessively.

Having children is a key feature in your close relationships: you may begin to talk about having another child, and if in a same-sex union, you may start to think strongly about adopting. The urge to nurture and have a family is very strong. April is also a great time to start a family too. Aries, you are very motivated by traditional values in April and that will impact on how you want your partner to behave. Try not to be domineering in relationships; you are feeling very strongly about things right now, and it is good to be passionate, but do not let passion become belligerence.

It’s possible that external factors such as career and family interfere quite strongly in your relationship. A change unexpectedly caused by someone in the shadow can re-balance the situation though.

The most “troubled” period, and the most exciting at the same time, will be in the second part of the month.

Aries April 2018 Health Horoscope

You are energetic, no doubt about it, because the Sun, which is in your own sign, strongly supports consumption. However, “the boss” – Mars, in this case – not only is on tenterhooks in Cancer, but it also makes a square with your sign (and its own, of course!) and sets an opposition with Jupiter, the “Great Amplifier”.

Venus will try to bring some harmony or at least to fix something here and there, but the storm beneath is too strong and it can outburst at times and even rather… impressively!

What should you do? Put your energy to use! Exercise: sport, gardening, sex, anything, just to blow off steam that otherwise can turn into conflicts and accidents.

Advice for Aries April 2018

Dare, but remember that discretion is the better part of valor!

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