How the zodiac signs fall in love?

Sometimes, falling in love changes a person beyond recognition. Sure, when the body is a mixture of hormones, feelings, experiences – it’s difficult to keep it real. But, each of us was born under a certain constellation of stars. And certainly it is this determines our character and destiny. And even the birth of a new love can not be without the participation of stars.

Aries falls in love

Aries falls in love quietly, doesn’t run after the object of his passion, does not arrange wars with rivals, but quietly and peacefully waiting for his turn. After that, Aries slowly and even with a note of negligence can approach the beloved person and propose as of right.

Taurus falls in love

Falling in love, Taurus become greedy, wants his second part to belong entirely to him. He does not accept a voluntary mutual feelings and will force to love himself , even if it hurt . So Taurus are always loved back. And if someone suddenly leaves Taurus – only on tiptoe and in pitch darkness.

Gemini falls in love

Gemini fall in love sincerely. However, their “forever” often lasts about half a year, and as usual there are a lot of objects of love, not only one. In this case, the representative of the sign may die in the morning because of a broken date with love number 1, and in the evening try to jump off the roof, if the number 2 for some reason, did not call. And in both cases, the grief will be huge.

Cancer falls in love

Cancer is slow and cautious, so if the object of his sympathy decides to go ahead, then this affair will fail miserably without beginning. Cancer can long devil himself with questions: “And if suddenly she is not my only one?”, “And if we are not a couple, and later I will understand that it’s not my second half? But the most patient cancers will be rewarded – the enamored Cancer is able to put the whole world at the feet of loved ones. But this process will also be accompany with thinking cap.

Leo falls in love

Leo in love is a lazybird. He reluctantly admits that a fire has caught in his heart, and can not understand why he should consider others, albeit beloved ones. But once he obeys, he immediately shows interest and is ready to surround the object of his passion with a comprehensive care.

Virgo falls in love

The Virgo falls in love, as the last time, and is ready to offer not only his heart, but everything that he loves and cherishes. However, not every person is ready to receive it, so the weak in spirit sometimes run away. On such an act the Virgo usually responds with humble suffering and can even wait a few years until the object of love decides to come back.

Libra falls in love

Libra refers to feeling like magpies to brilliant objects. For them, love is an art and beauty; therefore, they try to act beautifully with the object of their lust: they effectively take care, they are excel in sex and masterly betray and then come back pompously. They do it not because of harm, just in life you have to try everything, because it’s so short!

Scorpio falls in love

Scorpio prefers to mix business with pleasure. He can inadvertently fall in love, going out to the store for bread. It is worth giving Scorpios due for their potent venom of seduction, which strikes the selected person very quickly. However, the representative never mind and can immediately run far away, bowling over.

Sagittarius falls in love

Sagittarius is afraid that in love, as elsewhere, he will feel uncomfortable, so he is not consumed with a desire to find his second half. If Sagittarius at last falls in love, he will listen sensitively to himself: is it already bad? Or is it still ok? Or still not, oh God … But if he stops remembering the previous experience, he can do a lot for the beloved person and even devote his life to her.

Capricorn falls in love

Capricorns fall in love rationally, therefore love at first sight is not familiar to them. They perceive the feeling as a very expensive purchase, so they will try to study the subject of their passion meticulously. The supervision period can lasting for years, but if Capricorn realized that his time has come, in a brace of shake, he is becoming passionate and loving.

Aquarius falls in love

Aquarians fall in love correctly. They perfectly live without increased attention, they do not pretend to slip of the lover, but at the same time they will gladly give theirs. Their “trick” is that they must take care of those who they love, but not vice versa. Such altruists)). If the second half does not call and comes late from work, Aquarius will not make a scandal, and prepare a delicious dinner, so that the next day, if you stay at work, your loved one does not suffer from hunger.

Pieces falls in love

In love, pieces are great sufferers. They are ready to travel to the far end of the world for the sake of meeting their beloved and “dying” from the overflowing feelings. If Pieces don’t suffer, they lose interest, and therefore they need to play the drama all the time. After the relationship with the representative of this sign, nothing remains, it resembles a scorched desert.

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