How are the zodiac signs getting drunk?


An Aries person can become brutally honest when they are drunk. They can get super hilarious while being rowdy at the same time. Once drunk, Aries can be the most fun people around. They are the kind of people who you’ll find doing the round shots contests and fist fights, as drinking makes them more adventurous and competitive.


Taureans are generally more level headed and calm, but once drunk, they are goofiest in the house. They let themselves loose when drunk and may be the people you see laughing the most in a room full of people. They look for getting comfy and might even take their clothes off during the process.


Sure they may do silly things and even throw up, but this is one sign that does not change their nature once they are drunk. They may get more conversational when drunk and might even spill the beans about matters. And they get super funny when drunk.


The Cancerian either drinks too much or doesn’t drink at all. Once they start drinking they just don’t stop. But they don’t do that alone. They instigate people around them to drink more and more, and even get flirty with them. They try to keep the fun going on and may get quite spontaneous.


No matter how drunk they are, in their head they believe themselves to be sober. They loosen up quite a lot and act upon this liberated feeling. They like to maintain their dignity and know when to draw the line. Leos is fully aware of themselves when they are drunk. But they also love daring games and get entertaining when drunk.


A Virgo seldom gets truly drunk; they may at the most stay buzzed. But when they do get drunk, they become judgmental, offensive and bad mouth a lot. They can be a lot of fun as all they want to do is chill out. They feel the need to get comfy and have a chat when they drink more.


Once you get a Libra drunk, you know your party has begun. Their charming nature tends to get out of control and they tend to get notorious when drunk. Lacking self control, they will get themselves into trouble. They may make all the others drink more and tend to get flirty with them. But all in all, they become the life of the party.


Being one of the extreme signs of the zodiac, they tend to either drink the whole bottle or not touch a glass at all. They get pretty sarcastic and witty when they are drunk. They may even get very attractive and risk loving. Once drunk, the usually closed Scorpio might start speaking from the heart and get emotional. They end up passing out on the couch, mumbling about their love life.


When a Sagittarian gets drunk, they become extra spontaneous. They may become a bit too honest and tactless and may get into arguments even though things were fun at first. Sagittarius is already pretty loose and the drinks loosen them up even more. They get pretty loud and obnoxious when drunk, such as touching a friend weirdly and talking too loud in one’s ear.


They are completely aware of how much they should drink and what will keep their reputation intact. The more they get drunk, the more they will try to surpass everyone in drinking games and shot contests. Never tell a Capricorn that they’ve had too much, they are going to prove you wrong. They are the uptown, classy drinkers and tend to get naughtier the more they drink..


They get so informative when they are drunk that they sound like the know-it-alls. They might even exaggerate some of the things. Their face gets so interesting when they are drunk; it’s as if they are smiling to hide something.


They are the most dangerous and daring drinkers in the house. They give themselves over to drinking and pass out; Only to wake up not remembering what happened last nigh.

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