Daily horoscope for March 9 2018

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Horoscope for March 9 Aries

Information received from far away could compel you to learn more about the subject, Aries. You might be inspired to use your new knowledge in a project that includes a partner. Your mind is insightful now. If you face decisions, this is definitely the day to follow your heart. Don’t be surprised if you also find your telepathic abilities expanded.

Horoscope for March 9 Taurus

Today you will have a golden opportunity to tell someone just how much you care about them. If you have not done this for some time, then it may be good to make some kind of grand gesture, and either take them on an adventure, or buy them a gift that will encourage them to explore the potential of your wonderful partnership.

Horoscope for March 9 Gemini

You may have to put the “shine” on hold for a little while and that’s OK! You don’t really want to be in the spotlight as much as people say you do. In fact, you need to focus on yourself in a way that takes the pressure off your “outside” self and puts it on your “inner” self. Take food for example. It goes right inside you and thus affects how you think and feel. Put the focus on your healthy diet.

Horoscope for March 9 Cancer

A problem you thought had gone away is now resurfacing. To make matters worse, this problem has seemed to worsen since the last time it reared its ugly head. Tackle this difficult issue once and for all instead of putting on the back burner again.

Horoscope for March 9 Leo

A distinct dissatisfaction with your room or your house could leave you feeling fed up and in need of a change. The challenging influences suggest that you need to either revamp your room, or organize a trip away, and as it’s the weekend you can lift your mood by planning for changes now!

Horoscope for March 9 Virgo

Both the influences of the sun and Pluto suggest that something will occur to make you become rather too preoccupied with your appearance today. It could be that you feel as though the image you project needs to be overhauled, but you should wait a couple of days before setting about making those changes!

Horoscope for March 9 Libra

Thanks to a growing sense of ambition you’re in danger of neglecting those other, equally important areas of your life. Romance, friendships and family need your attention, because life shouldn’t be all work, work, work. Take some time out to lavish attention on those who matter!

Horoscope for March 9 Scorpio

A combination of heightened fire energy and certain planetary movements suggests that you won’t be as strict with yourself as you could be when it comes to money. Avoid the mall; instead you should invest your energies in doing something new, which will provide the excitement that you crave!

Horoscope for March 9 Sagittarius

You hardly even believe in love, much less love at first sight, Sagittarius, but something that occurs today may turn you into a believer. You never know when it will happen. You could be in line at the grocery store when someone catches your eye (and heart). Perhaps someone with whom you’ve only had a phone relationship suddenly shows up at your office. Adventure lies ahead.

Horoscope for March 9 Capricorn

It’s likely a hidden talent of yours is revealed today, Capricorn. All those scraps of writing could turn into something more concrete, such as a novel. Maybe you begin to dabble with your children’s paint set and realize how much you enjoy the creative process. Be open to all possibilities. You may find your life takes a different, more authentic direction.

Horoscope for March 9 Aquarius

You will feel especially close to family and friends today, Aquarius. There’s a lot of positive energy in the air, and people feel optimistic and congenial. It’s a pleasure to be with your loved ones, and interactions with strangers have a lovely flavor as well. Take advantage of the warm astral energy and plan a get-together with your favorite people. You will enjoy growing closer.

Horoscope for March 9 Pisces

You’re likely feeling confident, optimistic, and enthusiastic today, Pisces. You feel as though anything is possible, and indeed it is. If you feel a bit of wanderlust and are anxious to explore new places and meet new people, you may soon receive the chance. Life is one great big adventure. You’re fortunate to have the sort of spirit that embraces it fully.

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