Daily horoscope for September 18 2018

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Horoscope for September 18 2018 Aries

An increased understanding of different cultures as well as curiosity about the people who live there might spur you to learn more about those places. Friends or groups could be involved in some way. You may channel a lot of energy into intellectual activities and inspire others to do the same. Take a walk at some point during the day. You will need to clear your head.

Horoscope for September 18 2018 Taurus

: The opportunity to increase your income could spur you on to channel more energy and inspiration into career matters, Taurus. Some intense dreams could reveal a lot about you and your motivation, which might increase your self-awareness and make everything easier for you. The drive to succeed in material and spiritual matters is likely to play a powerful role in everything you do.

Horoscope for September 18 2018 Gemini

You might have the desire for travel, perhaps to visit a friend who lives far away, Gemini. You may actually set the wheels in motion to make it happen. Social events could take up your time this evening, and you could meet some interesting people. A friend might need a sympathetic ear. Today you’re especially sensitive to others, so be prepared to hear a sad story. Otherwise, your day should go well.

Horoscope for September 18 2018 Cancer

Today you might hear about opportunities to increase your income, Cancer, either in your current employment, a new job, or perhaps by a project of your own. You may channel a great deal of energy and inspiration toward this end. Others may want to pitch in and help you. You’re likely to feel energetic and optimistic. This can work in attracting still more new opportunities.

Horoscope for September 18 2018 Leo

: All your relationships may be enhanced by an increased sensitivity to the needs and feelings of others, Leo. You may provide melancholy friends with a sympathetic ear, or you may give assistance in resolving problems. Rest assured that your efforts won’t go unappreciated. You will probably grow closer to those who mean the most to you now, including the very special person in your life.

Horoscope for September 18 2018 Virgo

Expect to minister to the needs of colleagues and family members today, Virgo. People may need to draw on your insight into human nature in order to understand themselves and others. Your common sense could prove invaluable. In the process of sharing your wisdom, you might also shed some light on emotional situations of your own. You could surprise yourself

Horoscope for September 18 2018 Libra

Working on behalf of an underdog will be rewarding. You’re very good at getting what you want to thrive. Others are not in the position to do so. Therefore, it would be a great idea to get involved with a charitable or humanitarian organisation. Whether you’re working to protect the environment, house stray animals or feed the homeless is immaterial. The important thing is to choose a cause that resonates with you on a spiritual level. At that point, all the work you perform will feel like a labour of love.

Horoscope for September 18 2018 Scorpio

The more people you know, the easier life is. That’s because humans were put on the planet to help one another. Although you’re incredibly resourceful, that doesn’t mean you should always go solo. Working as part of a team can develop your social skills. It can also cultivate tremendous happiness. There’s nothing more comforting than knowing you can rely on others. Becoming part of a supportive social network will be empowering. Release your fears and reach out.

Horoscope for September 18 2018 Sagittarius

Artistic or cultural work appeals to your creative side. If you’re in a dead end job, think about a career move. You might have to take a pay cut, but that will be temporary. Learning an industry from the ground up will be empowering and enjoyable. Even if you never earn the same amount as you did in the corporate sector, there will be other compensations. It’s almost impossible to put a price on happiness. Going to work with a smile on your face is a huge perk.

Horoscope for September 18 2018 Capricorn

If you’re looking for love, you could find it with someone who grew up in a foreign country. It will be interesting comparing and contrasting your upbringings. Such a partnership will prompt you to question many assumptions about life. Issues that once caused stress will seem relatively insignificant. Options you didn’t know existed will become more understandable and available. You’ll become empowered to build a lifestyle based on your own values, instead of those imposed on you.

Horoscope for September 18 2018 Aquarius

Satisfying your physical desires is important. Although you’ve been blessed with a keen intellect, that doesn’t mean you are immune to sensual pleasure. If you’re in a romantic relationship, take time out of your busy schedule to spend an intimate evening with your amour. Are you single? Splash out on a massage. A bouquet of fresh flowers, a bottle of cologne or a gourmet meal are other good forms of self indulgence. Stop rejecting creature comforts and spoil yourself.

Horoscope for September 18 2018 Pisces

Your best friend, business or romantic partner wants to help you. Don’t turn them away; they can make your life easier. If one kind of assistance is offered and you need another, say so. A kind exchange of ideas can pave the way for a happier life together. In the past, someone gave you things and later made you feel guilty about accepting these gifts. That isn’t the case now. Learning to be receptive to grace will help you grow, both personally and professionally

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